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By Zachary Larkin

Exeter, California. Sixty miles northeast of Sacramento. Population: 3166

Originally settled in 1849 during the California Gold Rush, Exeter has since become a well-known tourist town.

Its main attraction is the surrounding Nevada Foothills.

monster sightings in small american town 2 from Michael Cahill's Legend Trippers

The mist-shrouded forests of the Sierra Nevada Foothills.

The town is also known for its many historical landmarks. Much of its architecture dates all the way back to the 19th Century.

monster sightings in small american town from Michael Cahill's Legend Trippers

Downtown Exeter. Talk about a time warp.

Sounds like a nice place to live, right?

It was. Till three days ago.

That’s when some new visitors came to town. One word:


Before I go any further with this report, I think it’s only fair that I provide a warning. If you scare easy or have a weak stomach, LEAVE NOW.

If you have absolutely zero imagination, LEAVE NOW.

If your mind is completely shut off to new ideas, LEAVE NOW.

Consider yourself warned. Here we go.

Cryptozoology: the study of hidden animals, not considered a “real” science by so-called experts and other close-minded debunkers of paranormal phenomena.

Cryptid: a creature that has not yet been officially identified or proven to exist.

Nine days ago, a farmer named Sergio Guzman woke up only to find every one of his animals dead. They had been killed overnight while still in their pens. NO SOUNDS were heard and NO BLOOD was spilled – even though the chest cavities of each animal were completely hallow.

Dog killed by a Chupacabra, from Michael Cahill's Legend Trippers

Guzman’s lifeless dog was found among the carcasses.

I repeat: no internal organs were left. Heart. Liver. Lungs. Completely harvested – along with their entire blood supply. The only physical evidence was a small, circular incision wound left on the chest. Several bizarre tracks were also found at the farm, each one spaced approximately ten yards apart.

Since this initial incident, eight more farms have been attacked in exactly the same way.

The police think it’s nothing more than your average drug-fuelled satanic worshippers.

The police are dead wrong.

Allow me to introduce the first of our cryptozoological suspects: El Chupacabra. Spanish for “goat-sucker,” the name originated in Puerto Rico after a string of farm animals were found dead, their blood and internal organs harvested.

The Chupacabra most likely injects venom through a needle-like tongue. This venom causes paralysis and dissolves the organs, allowing the Chupacabra to suck out the liquidated remains.

Also known to move by hopping. Seen multiple times leaping distances of thirty feet.

Learn more about the Chupacabra.

As incredible as it sounds, the Chupacabra is not the only cryptid seen in Exeter this week.

Far from it.

Three people died when an entire neighborhood went up in flames twenty-four hours ago.

Jersey Devil attack from Michael Cahill's Legend Trippers

Was this the work of a dragon?

The Jersey Devil leaves a trail of fiery destruction in Michael Cahill's Legend Trippers

The result of a possible Jersey Devil attack.

Several people were outside walking their dogs when they claim to have seen a “black dragon” fly overhead. A flash came from the creature’s mouth. A split second later, hell on earth.

The eye-witness descriptions indicate a horse-shaped head, jagged antlers, leathery bat-like wings, and cloven hooves.

There is not a doubt in my mind this was the work of the Jersey Devil, a dragon-like cryptid native to the Pine Barrens forest of New Jersey. This cryptid has never been seen outside the Pine Barrens.

The obvious question is how did a Jersey Devil make its way across the entire country without being seen? And why would it choose Exeter?

Read more about the Jersey Devil.

Unfortunately, the three victims from the neighborhood fire haven’t been the only humans killed.

Three days ago, a maintenance worker on a rural road found an entire phone line torn to shreds. He reported seeing three dark shapes circling in the sky. At first, he thought they were small airplanes.

Then he realized the “airplanes” had glowing red eyes.

Two sheriff’s deputies responded to the call. Shortly after, their squad car was forced off the road. Neither deputy survived. According to reports, the squad car looked like it had been spit out of a trash compactor.

The glowing red eyes – combined with the massive damage to the car and the birdlike nature of the cryptids – suggests only one possibility: Owlmen.

The Cornish Owlman from Michael Cahill's Legend Trippers

Although skeptics have dismissed the Owlman story, they have failed to explain its incredible similarity to other, even older sightings of winged, bird-like humanoids.

Don’t let the name fool you. These cryptids are extremely dangerous. They’ve been seen all over the world for thousands of years. The Navajo call them Thunderbirds. The people of Indonesia call them Orang-bati.

The names might change, but the descriptions are eerily similar: bloodcurdling shrieks, giant wings, and bone-crushing talons.

Read more about the Owlman.

Five more people have gone missing along Exeter’s riverbank in the last week. The only thing that’s washed ashore has been their shoes.

With the feet still inside.

I’ll give you a sec to catch your breath.

Animal Control stated the teeth marks resembled piranha bites. A fishing crew recently encountered an aquatic creature with “webbed claws” and a “razor-sharp tail.” Obviously, a species of Mercreatures have also invaded Exeter. These cryptids are known as the “Adaro” in South Pacific mythology.

A black and white depiction of a Mercreature from Michael Cahill's Legend Trippers

A depiction of the “Adaro,” a race of violent aquatic cryptids. According to South Pacific mythology. the Adaro use their razor-sharp tails to slash humans apart and drag the remains under water

In recent times, sightings of similar aquatic cryptids have been reported near Thetis Lake in British Columbia and Scape Ogre Swamp in South Carolina.

So there you have it. Four totally unrelated species of cryptozoological entities have decided to converge on a small American town all at once. Why has Exeter become a paranormal hotspot? Is someone deliberately drawing these creatures there? If so, for what possible reason?

So many questions. Absolutely no answers. Of course, the skeptics aren’t convinced. Big surprise. Looks like the Legend Trippers will have to convince them.

And there’s only one way to do that…


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