character profiles

Zachary Larkin (Club President, Age: 15)

  1. Likes: reading, debating, Cryptozoology, Parapsychology, Demonology, Ufology.
  2. Dislikes: hardcore skeptics.
  3. Personal Quote: “People will brainwash themselves because it’s always easier to believe the lie.”

Aidan Bryce (Age: 15)

  1. Likes: acting, Drama class, Red Bull, Gummy Bears.
  2. Dislikes: When audiences are too lazy to get up and give me a standing ovation. And Nasreen because she’ll probably write my name here just to mess with me.
  3. Personal Quote: “History Channel here we come!”

Nasreen Najad (Age: 15)

  1. Likes: boxing, kayaking, paragliding, jet-skiing.
  2. Dislikes: Anything that doesn’t involve some adrenaline. And Aidan because he’ll probably write my name here just to screw with me.
  3. Personal Quote: “Ready to cut this biscuit?”

Paige Temple (Age: 15)

  1. Likes: Gertrude Stein, Popular Science, National Geographic.
  2. Dislikes: gender stereotyping, euphemisms (really, what point do they serve?)
  3. Personal Quote: “I read.”

Trevor Galloway (Age: 12)

  1. Likes: SWIMMING, SWIMMING, and more SWIMMING. Plus X-Men. Anything X-Men.
  2. Dislikes: ENGLISH CLASS!!!!!
  3. Personal Quote: “No prob, chief.”

Mrs. Olivia Stafford (Faculty Sponsor, Age: 33? 34? We’re guessing. We didn’t have the heart to ask)

  1. Likes: teaching, the Business section, stock market index, CNBC.
  2. Dislikes: That people now think I actually like the paranormal.
  3. Personal Quote: “And believe it or not, five dead teenagers is not the best way to win Teacher of the Year!”

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