concept art

Concept art for the Chupacabra from Legend Trippers

Concept Art of a Chupacabra

Although the Chupacabra gained global fame in the 90’s as one of the first internet sensations, reports of such vampiric creatures date back much, much further. El Vampiro de Moca is one such example.

The Chupacabra is an interesting cryptid in that the eyewitness descriptions are so varied. For Legend Trippers, I decided to pick and chose until I had, essentially, a bipedal rodent about five feet tall.

Note the hollow, needle-like tongue used to inject a highly corrosive venom. Its powerful legs allow the creature to jump incredible distances. The quills along its spine and arms are razor-sharp, easily capable of slicing through human flesh.

The Sasquatch known as Brutus from Michael Cahill's Legend Trippers

The Sasquatch patriarch, affectionately nicknamed Brutus

If you’re going to write a story that brings together the most famous cryptozoological monsters of all time, how could you not include a Sasquatch? It’d be like Jurassic Park without the T-Rex.

For Legend Trippers, an entire clan of mighty Sasquatch appear to lend our human heroes some much needed muscle against the other, less-than-friendly cryptids. Whereas the pack of Chupacabras are all about speed and lethality, the Sasquatch personify power – brute power with their massive fists, but also majestic power. I wanted to emphasize a grace and gentleness which I believe adds an extra dimension to these creatures who, more often than not, are depicted as standard horror movie villains in low-budget Syfy films.

A winged, glowing-eyed Owlman from Michael Cahill's Legend Trippers from

Concept Art of an Owlman

In paranormal lore, there are a wide variety of winged cryptids – from the Thunderbirds of Navajo folklore to the Orang-bati of Indonesia. The specific legend I based this creature design on is the Cornish Owlman, a red-eyed monstrosity. The creature is said to have terrorized the residents of Cornwall for almost forty years.

Three Owlmen appear as villains in Legend Trippers. Their mode of attack includes lifting up cars with their powerful talons and throwing them like massive boulders. Definitely as mean as they look.

Concept art of the Jersey Devil, a winged, dragon-like beast from Legend Trippers

Concept art of the destructive, flame-spewing beast known as the Jersey Devil. He appears along with several other iconic “cryptids” in the upcoming novel Legend Trippers: Screaming is Believing

Whereas creatures like the Owlmen are not uncommon in cryptozoology, there is no other creature quite like the Jersey Devil. Born from a long, rich history of folklore, the Devil is reputed to inhabit the vast Pine Barrens forest in, appropriately enough, New Jersey. Although only one Devil appears in Legend Trippers, its ferocious, fiery punch makes it arguably the most dangerous of all the cryptids.

A Mercreature from Legend Trippers. Webbed claws, armor-like scales, and a thick, serpentine tail with razors at the tip

A Mercreature. In South Pacific mythology, these violent aquatics are known as the “Adaro.”

Chupacabras and Sasquatch rule land. The Jersey Devil and Owlmen dominate the skies. But only the Mercreatures reign supreme in the murky depths. Their razor-tipped tails are perfect for slashing effortlessly through flesh and bone. Rows of piranha-like teeth and sharp, webbed claws complete their deadly arsenal.

Credit to Dennis Saputra for his excellent design work. Can’t recommend him highly enough. Check out his gallery at


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