About the Books


to seek out and investigate sites of heightened paranormal phenomena. The search for monsters, ghosts, UFOs, and everything else on the edge of the unknown…

Official Synopsis:

Fifteen-year-old Zachary Larkin wants to find a monster.

His plan? A new school club. Its mission: discover living, breathing proof of the paranormal. Its members: Zachary’s three best friends, his twelve-year-old next-door-neighbor, and a business teacher who doesn’t know Sasquatch from Saskatchewan.

Their first case brings them to a small town plagued with sightings of unexplained beasts. Murderous Mercreatures? Check. Bloodthirsty birdmen? Naturally. Organ-harvesting Chupacabras and a fire-spewing dragon? Oh yeah.

When the horde launches an all-out assault, the Legend Trippers must make a do-or-die choice: fight back or let the entire world become a graveyard.

Finding the monsters was easy. Defeating them? That’s going to be killer.

Want to join the club? Download Legend Trippers from the Kindle Store and start reading now!

If you use a Kobo, Sony E-Reader, or other device: Legend Trippers and its sequel will be available for download in March 2014 from Smashwords!

Legend Trippers book cover shows a winged, red-eyed creature

Legend Trippers by Michael Cahill

Legend Trippers: Addonexus

When rumors surface of a crashed UFO at the bottom of the Bermuda Triangle, the Legend Trippers set out to recover genuine proof of extraterrestrial life. Their shocking discovery soon plunges them into the middle of an intergalactic cold war.

Just another day, right?

As alien factions prepare for an Earth-shattering battle, the Legend Trippers must find a way to defeat the true puppet-master.

But how can they stop a man who is literally the best of both worlds?

Available for download this December

Available for download this February


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