Cover Reveal for Legend Trippers: Addonexus!

Here it is — from the talented artists at Oray Studios comes the brilliant cover for the next Legend Trippers adventure. As you can see, I’ve tried to keep a sense of consistency with the first book — the Legend Trippers logo is still dominant, only this time it’s set against a galactic background, hopefully signalling the sci-fi nature of the sequel.

If interested, you can download Legend Trippers: Addonexus later this year. Read the first chapter here.

The first Legend Trippers book can be downloaded today from the Kindle Store.

When rumors surface of a crashed UFO at the bottom of the Bermuda Triangle, the Legend Trippers set out to recover genuine proof of extraterrestrial life. Their shocking discovery plunges them into the middle of an intergalactic cold war.

Just another day, right?

As alien factions prepare for an Earth-shattering battle, the Legend Trippers must find a way to defeat the true puppet-master.

But how can they stop a man who is literally the best of both worlds?

Legend Trippers Addonexus Cover FINAL


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