The Kelly-Hopkinsville Goblins Revisited

The 1950s saw the birth of many North American monster tales — often, these stories had some kind of extraterrestrial component, unsurprising since this was the peak of the “flying saucer” phenomenon. One of the best known folktales to emerge during this period was the story of the “Hopkinsville Goblins.”

It happened on the evening of August 22nd, 1955. The Kelly/Hopkinsville region in rural Kentucky was the setting. At their farmhouse, the Sutton family was hosting their friends, the Taylors. When Billy Ray Taylor left the house to collect water from a nearby well, he caught sight of something strange in the sky — a glowing object of some kind. Remarkably, this object touched down in a gully not far from the farm.

Taylor fled back into the house, relaying what he had just seen. Initially, the others were skeptical — until an hour later, when the Sutton dog began to bark fearfully. Taylor and Elmer Sutton armed themselves and went outside to investigate.

It wasn’t long before they were confronted by an unearthly, goblin-like creature. The tiny humanoid stood about three-feet-tall with silver skin, yellow eyes protruding from its smooth skull, wrinkly, bat-like ears, and long, skinny limbs.

A cutout of the alleged "goblin." Image Source:

A cutout of the alleged “goblin.” Image Source:

Instinctively, both men fired their weapons. Although they claimed to have hit the creature, the being somehow managed to dodge the bullets and scurry back into the surrounding woods.

Retreating into the house, Sutton and Taylor rejoined their families. But the night of terror was far from over. Soon, even more diminutive goblins appeared — tapping at the windows, peering inside, exhibiting an almost childlike curiosity.

The men continued to shoot, pockmarking the walls with bullet holes. Yet the gunfire did nothing to frighten off the mischievous goblins.

Finally, the besieged humans made a desperate break for it — leaving the farmhouse behind and driving into town where they alerted the local authorities.

The Chief of Police could see the families were genuinely terrified. A team of officers and media personnel converged on the farmhouse for a thorough investigation. They discovered numerous bullet holes — confirming the men had fired at something. They also spotted a green light emanating from the woods, as well as finding a greenish tinge where the first creature had reportedly been shot.

Despite these findings, no physical samples were collected.

Unbelievably, the goblins returned again that night — forcing the family to defend themselves a second time. At midnight, the creatures disappeared for good.

There is no question that the families experienced something that night — but what that something was remains unexplained, even over half a century later.

You can look for the Hopkinsville Goblins to appear as one of several alien species in Legend Trippers: Addonexus, available for download this December from Kindle eBooks.


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