The Fairies Live Here: Welcome to the Little People’s Village

With Legend Trippers: Screaming is Believing now available for download on Amazon, I’ve been focused on completing the sequel, Legend Trippers: Addonexus. I’ve also been outlining ideas for the third book in the Legend Trippers series, which will be a gothic fantasy/adventure.

While researching myths and folktales for inspiration, I discovered a fascinating story regarding the crumbled, abandoned remains of a fairy village. Yes – an entire village built, supposedly, to accommodate the infamous Wee Folk.

Nestled in the forests of Middlebury, Connecticut, there exists a bizarre collection of diminutive, dollhouse-like structures. The ruins are, of course, said to be haunted – but the question remains, where did this surreal village come from?

Little People Village

Plenty of rumors swirl. According to one urban legend, a man once lived alone in a large stone house nearby. At some point, the man started hearing disembodied voices. Had the years of isolation driven him insane – or had the Little People invaded his mind?

Little People Village1

The man constructed the village in the hopes of appeasing his invisible tormentors, even constructing a throne for the Fairy King. The man then killed himself.

Another variation tells that it was a witch who lived in the stone house. She could see fairies inhabiting the surrounding forest, and commanded her husband to build the pixie-like creatures a suitable home. This story, however, also ends in tragedy – both the witch and her husband descended into madness, possibly as a result of the mischievous Wee Folk.

Little People Village2

A more down to earth explanation holds that the Little People’s Village was, in fact, a roadside attraction dating back to the beginning of the 20th century, when trolleys were in their heyday. Once the touring cars faded from popularity, this curious attraction was all but forgotten – until later generations stumbled upon it and crafted a rich, thoroughly entertaining mythology.

Today, the large stone house exists only as a a hole leading into its cellar. Many of the diminutive buildings have been extensively damaged by vandals.

Nonetheless, the haunting myths remain – and some still believe there is more to this eerie village than meets the human eye.

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