Mysterious Clown Becomes a Viral Hit

Well, this one definitely falls under the heading of “bizarre.”

This past Friday the 13th, residents of the English town of Northampton began noticing a man dressed in a clown costume and full makeup – a man who creepily stands outside of people’s homes, simply smiling, staring, and sometimes holding balloons.

The clown doesn’t seem to do much other than wave at people from street corners, but it’s more than enough to leave residents feeling either amused or downright disturbed.

According to one woman, the Clown even knocked on her door and offered to paint her house – despite having no paint or brushes with him. Some early reports suggested there was more than one person involved in this bizarre prank, but so far only one man has been photographed, a man whose true identity remains unknown.

This being the 21st century, the Northampton Clown has become something of a worldwide sensation, with news articles in USA Today, Gawker, and E! Online.

The Clown himself even has a Facebook page, featuring a photo of Pennywise – the evil clown from the Stephen King movie It.

In response to various threats from disgruntled residents, the Clown has been speaking out in defense of his unnerving appearances. During an interview with the Northampton Chronicle, the trickster assures people he means no harm and is simply providing the town with a good scare, saying, “Most people enjoy being a bit freaked out and then they can laugh about it afterwards.”

What do you think? Harmless fun or something a little more sinister?


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