Legend Trippers is Live on Amazon!

Legend Trippers – the first in a paranormal-themed YA series – is now available for download from the Kindle Store.

These last few months have been a ton of work – and I still have a long way to go – but for now I’m just happy to see the book online.

Don't have a Kindle? Don't worry. Just download the Kindle app for free and you can read on any device you want

Don’t have a Kindle? Don’t worry. Just download the Kindle app for free and you can read on any device you want

Here is the official synopsis:

Fifteen-year-old Zachary Larkin wants to find a monster.

His plan? A new school club. Its mission: discover living, breathing proof of the paranormal. Its members: Zachary’s three best friends, his twelve-year-old next-door-neighbor, and a business teacher who doesn’t know Sasquatch from Saskatchewan.

Their first case brings them to a small town plagued with sightings of unexplained beasts. Murderous Mercreatures? Check. Bloodthirsty birdmen? Naturally. Organ-harvesting Chupacabras and a fire-spewing dragon? Oh yeah.

When the horde launches an all-out assault, the Legend Trippers must make a do-or-die choice: fight back or let the entire world become a graveyard.

Finding the monsters was easy. Defeating them? That’s going to be killer.

The sequel – Legend Trippers: Addonexus – is due out in December. Keep an eye out for future updates. You’ll find a special preview of the prologue included at the end of Legend Trippers. I won’t give a way too much just yet, but you can expect a lot more paranormal goodness – from UFOs to Hollow Earth and the Bermuda Triangle, Addonexus will be an even bigger adventure.

Special thanks to the wonderfully talented people who helped me along the way: Oray Studios, for their absolutely brilliant cover design, Dennis Saputra for his great artwork of all the monsters, and to Jennifer Troemner for her sharp-eyed editing.

If you’re interested, you can read an exclusive prologue to Legend Trippers and check out the amazing concept art of the infamous monsters. And hey, maybe you’ll want to check out the eBook too!


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