Legend Trippers Sneak Peek! Possible Chupacabra Attack

Reports of what appear to be a Chupacabra attack have surfaced online, drawing the attention of paranormal researchers and enthusiasts from around the world.

Last week, Sergio Guzman, a 45-year-old farmer in the town of Exeter, California, awoke to a gruesome discovery: his entire livestock had been slaughtered overnight. From sheep, chickens, goats, and cows, none of the animals were spared.

Dog killed by a Chupacabra, from Michael Cahill's Legend Trippers

Guzman’s lifeless dog was found among the carcasses.

According to Guzman, he and his family heard no disturbances of any kind. Even more baffling, the pens themselves were still locked and exhibited no signs of tampering or forced entry.

The attacks were of an almost surgical nature. A single, circular incision wound was found on the chest of each animal. Autopsies revealed all of their internal organs were missing – heart, liver, lungs, as well as their entire blood supply.

In short, the animals had been harvested. Amazingly, not a single drop of blood was found near the carcasses.

"This is a nightmare," said Guzman. "It's like something evil came here in the middle of the night."

“This is a nightmare,” said Guzman. “It’s like something evil came here in the middle of the night.”

Sheriff’s deputies responded to the scene, combing the area for footprints, tire impressions, and other traces of physical evidence.

So far, the only clue found has been a set of bizarre, three-toed tracks, suggesting an outside predator was responsible.

An unidentified track, possibly of a claw.

An unidentified track, possibly a claw. These tracks were spaced over twenty feet apart, indicating the “animal” moved in a hopping motion. The legendary Chupacabra has been known to hop great distances.

Animal Control has been unable to positively identify the tracks. Officials have also declined to speculate on the possible method of extraction used to harvest the blood and organs.

The lack of answers – and the genuine freakishness of the mutilations – has led cryptozoologists to identify their own culprit: the mythical Chupacabra.

Chupacabra from Legend Trippers

El Chupacabra is often described as a bipedal creature with kangaroo-like hind legs, green fur, and spinal quills.

El Chupacabra first came to prominence in the early 90s when a string of farm animals were found dead in Puerto Rico, their blood supply and internal organs mysteriously gone.

However, there have been earlier reports of vampire-like beasts appearing in parts of Latin America. The Vampire of Moca is one such an example. Tribes in the South American rainforest have long spoken of the Mosquito Man, a terrifying entity responsible for slaughtering animals and leaving them as limp, hollow shells.

The Chupacabra is said to have a sharp, needle-like tongue capable of slicing through bone and injecting the victim with digestive enzymes. Once the organs are completely liquefied, the Chupacabra can then use its tongue as a straw to suck the victim dry.

Is the Chupacabra now terrorizing northern California?

To learn the startling truth, download my debut novel Legend Trippers from Amazon – available September 1st!


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