Legend Trippers Sneak Peek: Read an Exclusive Prologue!

I’m just several weeks away from publishing the first eBook in the Legend Trippers series. I’m also deep into writing the second book, which will be published at the end of the year.

To celebrate the upcoming release, I’m sharing an exclusive prologue available only here! Yay!

First, the official synopsis

Fifteen-year-old Zachary Larkin wants to find a monster.

His plan? A new school club. Its mission: discover living, breathing proof of the paranormal. Its members: Zachary’s three best friends, his twelve-year-old next-door-neighbor, and a business teacher who doesn’t know Sasquatch from Saskatchewan.

Their first case brings them to a small town plagued with sightings of unexplained beasts. Murderous Mercreatures? Check. Bloodthirsty birdmen? Naturally. Organ-harvesting Chupacabras? Of course.

When the horde launches an all-out assault, the Legend Trippers must make a do-or-die choice: fight back or let the entire world become a graveyard.

Finding the monsters was easy. Defeating them? That’s going to be killer.

And now the prologue!


Deputy Sheriff Warren Navarro fumbled with the radio mike in his trembling fingers. This isn’t possible! He scanned the rear-view mirror, his frantic eyes searching for any sign of the inhuman pursuer. It can’t be! It can’t be!

Beside him, Deputy Sheriff Samantha Garnett clutched the wheel of the cruiser in a white-knuckled grip. Rolling hills and lush woodland sped past the windows in a sun-drenched blur.

Somehow, Navarro managed to activate the shaking mike. “We got a ten-forty on Ryan Road! Say again, this is Deputy Navarro requesting immediate backup! Something’s chasing us! It’s got glowing eyes! Send immediate–”

An ear-piercing shriek cut him off, followed by the feathery beating of wings. He forced his terrified gaze to the side window. A massive shadow raced along the asphalt, paralleling the cruiser every inch of the way. Navarro let out a half-formed croak as the flapping shadow moved above them, bathing the cruiser in a red, nightmarish glow.

Suddenly, spear-like talons pierced through the ceiling and slashed the side of Navarro’s head. He let out a howl of pain. The talons squeezed tight and crumpled the entire roof like an eggshell.

Garnett swerved from side to side, desperate to shake off the creature. No use. The talons heaved the cruiser right off the road. Navarro went rigid as the cruiser climbed higher and higher, whipping through the air like a trapped mouse in the claws of a man-sized owl.

Then the talons let go.

            Plummeting, the cruiser slammed back to the asphalt. All four tires exploded at once. Shards of deflated rubber bounced past the windows. A flurry of sparks sprayed in all directions as the unprotected rims scraped the road.

Swerving out of control, the cruiser plowed through a wooden guardrail. Navarro squeezed his eyes shut as the windshield blew apart, launching a swarm of razor-sharp specks. The shattered glass stung his face, digging into his skin. The cruiser toppled sideways, hurtling into a vicious cartwheel. A symphony of tortured steel assaulted his eardrums. One horrific flip after another, the ride from hell shuddered to a bone-crunching halt.

            Navarro stirred for a moment, bloody and dazed. Two teeth spilled out of his mouth like broken marbles. He turned slowly, discovering Garnett slumped against the twisted wheel, her lifeless gaze glued to him. Navarro choked out a scream when he saw the bone jutting from her twisted neck.

            He shifted his bleary vision to the gaping windshield. He peered upward, holding a nervous hand against the harsh glare. The dark, bird-shaped outline was circling high above, the red glow of its eyes still visible even in the bright sunlight.

            Navarro had no choice. He had to make a run for it. He pulled himself out of the mangled cruiser. A puddle of cold water soaked through his shoes, jolting him from his haze. He staggered out of the ditch and stumbled into the nearby woods, hoping the dense canopy would shield him from the circling monster.

 His arm hooked a gnarled branch. He spun around, dropped to his knees. Righting himself, he slumped against the tree and took a deep gulp of air.

Something moved. Something in the treetops directly ahead. Something without wings. Something new.

Before Navarro could even react, the green-furred creature pounced on him with the speed of no animal he’d ever seen before. With a savage grace, the rodent-like beast slammed a powerful hind leg into his side. Navarro collapsed, the sickening crunch of broken ribs echoing in his ears. 

The rodent-creature attacked in a vicious whirl of motion. Navarro caught only the fleeting glimpse of a needle-like tongue as it blurred out of the creature’s mouth and sliced through his chest. Navarro tried to scream. Nothing came out. Nothing – not even as his insides began to melt.


Hope you like it!

If I’ve tickled your fancy, check out the rest of my blog. You’ll find amazing concept art of the various monsters, additional bonus material, and you can read up on some fascinating news from the world of the paranormal.

Legend Trippers will be available for download this September! Thanks for reading.

Legend Trippers by Michael Cahill

Legend Trippers by Michael Cahill


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