Alleged Bigfoot Video Goes Viral

Footage of a possible Sasquatch sighting has surfaced online, sparking excitement from believers and dismissal from skeptics.

Background details on the video are a bit sparse – which is rarely a good sign for its credibility. The footage was reportedly taken by a couple on a hiking trail in Mission, British Columbia.

Image credit: Fox News.

Image credit: Fox News.

Watch the entire clip here.

There a few points in the video’s favor. With its vast wilderness, BC has a long history of Sasquatch sightings, so the location is appropriate. And the video does seem to show a bipedal figure covered from head to toe in dark hair.

Then again, there are a few key points against the footage. For one, the distance alone prevents any kind of significant analysis. In short, it could easily be a hoaxer wearing a suit.

And then there’s the nature of how the video came to light. PlayMobility, a software development company, went on Twitter and asked people submit videos of legendary creatures like the Sasquatch. The company claims the video was submitted anonymously. Some, however, are calling the whole thing a well-staged publicity stunt to promote a mobile app which inserts mythical monsters into real world environments.

Whether it’s the real thing, a misidentified fisherman, or a cynical stunt, one thing is for certain: our collective fascination with Bigfoot is alive and well. The video has been viewed over a million times and media outlets around the world – like the Daily Mail and The Telegraph – have reported on this curious little clip.

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