Legend Trippers Sneak Peek: Sasquatch 101

When fifteen-year-old Zachary Larkin creates the Legend Trippers – an after school club dedicated to all things paranormal – he unknowingly takes the first step towards a face to face meeting with a clan of Sasquatch. The gentle giants total six – a mother and father, their three children, and a grandfather.

But the Sasquatch aren’t alone. The Legend Trippers soon join forces with Dr. Colin Harker, the human scientist who has been studying the Bigfoot family in secret. Harker is a world-renowned primatologist whose research into early human locomotion proved revolutionary.

After suddenly retiring from his role as chief primatologist at the Smithsonian Institution, Harker took it upon himself to finish the work of his mentor – Dr. Robert Louis Krill, a man who longed to prove the existence of legendary creatures like the Sasquatch.

Through Harker, the Legend Trippers learn the astonishing truth about these powerful yet sensitive beasts.

resized Sasquatch

A male Sasquatch. Roughly 30 years old. Exceptional strength. Incredible agility. Being nocturnal, they possess night vision abilities far greater than an average human.

The late Dr. Grover Krantz had long speculated that the Sasquatch were direct descendants of Gigantopithecus, a prehistoric ape species which stood a mind-boggling ten feet in height. Harker is able to confirm this hypothesis. Although the Sasquatch are not direct descendants, they are related to a subspecies of Gigantopithecus, a subspecies which left behind no fossil record.

The Asian wood apes occupied what we now call China, India, and Vietnam. However, they faced a growing threat from our ancestors – homo erectus, who were quickly becoming the dominant species on the planet.

While the Asian wood apes had sheer size and strength in their favor, early humans were developing weapons and sophisticated hunting techniques.

In order to evade the human threat, the wood apes migrated across the Bering land bridge, a land formation which once connected Asia and North America.

In the forests of their new home, the Sasquatch evolved into a nomadic society. They live in small family units, allowing them to better increase their foraging abilities.

Most of all, the Sasquatch know to avoid humans at all costs. They have grown extremely cautious of us, restricting most of their activities until nightfall. As a result, they have little trouble navigating even the darkest of environments.

resized Bigfoot

Despite their intimidating size, the Sasquatch are highly empathetic, even tender when not threatened.

Soon, both the Legend Trippers and Sasquatch clan are confronted with a common foe – Dr. Jolene Krill, a renegade scientist from Harker’s past. She has gathered a small army of vicious cryptids. Can either human or Bigfoot survive the combined might of her Chupacabras, Owlmen, Mercreatures, and Jersey Devil?

Find out this September when Legend Trippers goes live on Amazon!


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