Legend Trippers Sneak Peek: Early Cover Designs!

When I decided to self-publish Legend Trippers, I knew I wanted the cover to have one strong, instantly recognizable image to act as the “logo” for the entire series. I drew inspiration from some of my favorite films – Ghostbusters, Jurassic Park, and Tim Burton’s Batman. Check out their iconic posters on my Pinterest homepage and you’ll see they’re all designed around a single, iconic image. The visual is so powerful you don’t even need the title to know what the film is. Now, I had no illusions of actually being able to replicate a similarly timeless image, but as W. Clement Stone once said, “Aim for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”

With that in mind, I contacted Oray Studios and told them my basic idea – a winged, glowing-eyed creature, something to resemble the monstrous Owlmen. Even though many other monsters appear – such as Chupacabras, the Jersey Devil, and the infamous Sasquatch – I decided trying to fit them all into a coherent cover would only muddle the concept. I wanted an elegant, simple design that even a kid could draw. With my basic outline, the talented artists at Oray produced two early designs.

Two early sketches for Legend Trippers: Screaming is Believing. They each show a winged, slightly demonic creature.

Initial cover sketches for Legend Trippers: Screaming is Believing

Of the two, the first was much closer to what I envisioned. Just a few tweaks were needed. I had them remove the horns and tail, center my name so it was more noticeable and less magazine-like, and ultimately I decided to do away with the “first in a series” line. I figured the less text the better. One more revision and this was the final result…


Is it a classic like the “no-ghost” logo or the bat symbol? Well, not quite. But it was exactly what I wanted – for better or for worse, this was mine. Again, can’t stress how easy it was working with Oray. Check them out if you’re in the market for some concept work. They’re fast and affordable! Look for Legend Trippers, this September, available as an e-book. Oh, and happy Father’s Day!


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