Best Ghost Photos Part Two: Bachelor’s Grove

An abandoned cemetery. What more appropriate setting could there be for one of the most infamous ghost photos ever taken? The place – Bachelor’s Grove, a small burial ground tucked away in a heavily wooded area near Chicago. The site has a long and dark history (surprising, right?). According to the Ghost Research Organization, the earliest tombstone dates back to 1823, while the last known burial took place in 1965, despite other gravestones oddly bearing much later dates. A simple road closure led to Bachelor’s Grove becoming a little known, rarely visited shadow of its former self.

The legendary Prohibition wars of yesteryear produced a grisly tradition – bullet-riddled bodies drudged up from the murky lagoon bordering the cemetery. Decades later, Bachelor’s Grove fell victim to shocking cases of desecration. Coffins were literally dug out of the earth and the remains of the dead seriously disturbed. Vandalism of the site – a popular practice during Halloween – continues to be a problem today. Perhaps most shocking of all, there is evidence of Satanic rituals having been performed in the 1960s. Witnesses claimed seeing  “several individuals in black robes carrying candles who were in the process of killing a small animal in the cemetery during a well-known witch’s Sabbath.”

This disturbing past has produced one of the most haunted sites in America. According to Haunted Hamilton, a long list of bizarre, seemingly unrelated phenomena exist here – glowing blue orbs with minds of their own, phantom cars, a spectral woman in white, and a farmhouse that appears and disappears at will. Many photos have been taken of alleged unearthly activity, but the most iconic came in 1991.

The startling figure of a partially transparent woman has been sighted on numerous occasions. This particular photo was snapped in 1991 by Jude Felz, who took it using an ordinary 35mm camera on infrared black and white film. Although Felz did not see anyone present, the photo clearly shows a lonely-looking, semi-transparent woman sitting on a checkered tombstone. The photo even found its way into the pages of the Chicago Sun-Times.

We’ve grown jaded to what a few clicks of Photoshop can accomplish, but that wouldn’t have been possible in 1991. For over twenty years, this photo has withstood the glaring eye of skeptics. Today, Bachelor’s Grove remains an abandoned corner of America. Does this forgotten place hold the key to proving the existence of life after death? That is a question I leave, as always, for you to decide yourself.


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