Best Ghost Photos Part One: The Pink Lady

It’s true most photos of alleged “ghosts” have a distinctly mundane explanation, from simple dust and lens flares to outright frauds and hoaxes. However, a small percentage of these photos defy reason. Among such perplexing examples are a series of pictures believed to show a glowing, wispy apparition known as the Pink Lady of Greencastle, Indiana.

A ghostly figure hovering at the window of an abandoned mansion

A hazy, glowing spirit of a woman - known as the "Pink Lady"{

For years, friends Guy Winters and Terry Lambert had heard stories of supernatural activity at the decaying O’Hare mansion. Located on the outskirts of town, the abandoned house was reputedly the home of a female spirit. Both paranormal enthusiasts, Winters and Lambert traveled to the mansion themselves, searching for verifiable proof of visitors from the other side. They documented their trip with a video camera, producing footage of the crumbling interior which lay beyond a haunting message scribbled across the front door: “This is Hell.” Was it a mere joke or a genuine warning?

While Lambert went back out to photograph the exterior, Winters remained inside and continued investigating. He soon smelled a bizarre, sulfur-like odor. Then came  the eerie echoes of another beating heart. Both men fled in fear. When the photos were developed, a startling figure was plainly visible. Bathed in pink light, the disembodied form hovered in a window, seeming to stare out at the world of the flesh and blood. Was this Irene O’Hare herself, the woman who lived and died at the mansion? Was she the infamous Pink Lady?

When a computer expert analyzed the amazing photos, he discovered the figure was present within the negatives, meaning it was not a camera malfunction. Although tampering with photographic negatives is not impossible, to do so convincingly is a difficult task even for the most experienced professionals. Incredibly, a digitally enhanced version (shown below) seemed to indicate the presence of a ghastly skull within the ethereal visage.

A digital enhancement produces the chilling, skull-like face of the infamous "Pink Lady"

A digital enhancement produces a chilling, skull-like face

Winters returned to the mansion hoping to find more evidence of the ghost. Although she did not reappear, Winters did manage to capture this equally evocative figure which has since become known as the “Gold Lady.”

A photo of a hazy ghost known as the "Gold Lady"

A hovering host known as the "Gold Lady"

A cornfield now occupies the land where the O’Hare mansion once stood. With the house demolished, it seems unlikely we will ever know what was truly happening within those forgotten walls. Perhaps one day, someone will be driving past that lonely cornfield and, for the briefest of moments, they’ll catch a glimpse of the mysterious Pink Lady.

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