Introducing the Mercreature!

Here it is! The final creature concept for Legend Trippers. So far, the crypto-army has conquered land (the Chupacabras) and air (the Owlmen/Jersey Devil).  Now the army is complete with the addition of the Mercreature. Five of these aquatic humanoids appear and you can forget any notions you might have of cute  redheads from the Disney corporation. These cryptids are pure lethality. From their piranha-like teeth, webbed claws, and, most dangerously, razor-tipped tails, the Mercreatures pose just as big a threat on solid ground as they do in the murky depths.

A Mercreature from Legend Trippers. Webbed claws, armor-like scales, and a thick, serpentine tail with razors at the tip

A Mercreature. In South Pacific mythology, these violent, armor-plated beasts are known as the “Adaro.”

Credit to my artist Dennis Saputra.

Check out the rest of the amazing concept art at my blog. You can also read a synopsis, view character profiles, see exclusive bonus material, and take a look at some of the most infamous real life cases of the strange and unexplained.


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