UFO Caught on Camera in San Diego: Where do you stand on the UFO debate?

On May 7th, Ellen Henry, a member of the Santee Historical Society located in San Diego County, was snapping photos of the supposedly haunted Edgemoor Barn. According to Henry, she “was at the Edgemoor property, in the middle of the day, to take pics of the barn to update the SHS barn logo.” (huffingtonpost.com) During this time, Henry noticed what she described as a “speck” on her LCD screen. Thinking nothing of it, she downloaded her pictures and was surprised to find the speck still present. Henry now believes the object was a UFO. Just what exactly did she photograph?

A seemingly disc obect captured in the clear skies above San Diego

The Sand Diego UFO. Image taken from http://www.unexplained-mysteries.com

Henry claims she heard no noise accompanying the object,  which seems to rule out a misidentified commercial airliner. Is the object a blimp, perhaps? A bird? A simple toy? Or another aircraft of some kind? A local news station contacted two nearby airfields looking for clarification, yet neither one was able to provide an answer as to what Henry witnessed.

Elements of the sighting – the unrelated paranormal phenomena at the Edgemoor Barn, Henry’s own statement that her camera mysteriously ceased functioning – will no doubt be enough for skeptics to dismiss the UFO claim outright.

Whether or not one believes an alien spacecraft really appeared in the skies over San Diego, it is always interesting to see the vastly different reactions a UFO story generates. You need only to scan the Huffington Post comments section to find divisive remarks about politics, religion, immigration, and drugs.

One thing is clear. Whatever the UFO debate tells us about life on other planets, it certainly shows us a great deal about life on this one.

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