Introducing the Chupacabra!

Yesterday, I posted the beautiful cover sketch for Legend Trippers. Today, I have the first of five, count ’em five, creature concepts to share!

Why go to the trouble of producing concept art? Simple. It looks really, really cool. Plus, it gives everyone a rough idea of what they can expect from the book.

Concept art of the Chupacabra from Legend Trippers

Among the five famous “monsters” to appear, the Chupacabra is perhaps the most psychotic. Essentially, it’s a bipedal rodent about five-feet tall. Note the needle-like tongue used to inject corrosive venom which then liquidates the poor victim’s internal organs. The quills along its spine and arms are razor-sharp, easily capable of slicing through human flesh, while its powerful hind legs allow the Chupacabra to leap incredible distances.

Much thanks to Dennis Saputra for his wonderful work. Check out his gallery on


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